Anna Chu Collection 2023 Simplicity

Anna Chu

Article #2

The Anna Chu designer clothing brand was created in Kyiv for freedom-loving and active women who strive for conscious consumption and well-thought-out aesthetics of the image. For those wishing to unify their wardrobe, preferring slow fashion, high quality and everyday comfort.

Today, the brand’s collection is decorated with the works of the brilliant Ukrainian graphic artist and intellectual Yakov Hnizdovsky. He emigrated from Ukraine at the beginning of the second world war, spending, among other things, some time in a refugee camp in Germany. And this is also very close to us today. Settling in New York, Yakov remained active and nationally aware, and managed to increase his achievements abroad. His works were admired at exhibitions both in Paris and in Asia and Africa. Even Kennedy’s office in the White House was decorated with his works. He received worldwide recognition thanks to his unique style, capable of giving unusual images to even the simplest things, which is very in tune with the vibes of designer Anna Chu.


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